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Did I start a new 7 year cycle?

Have you ever heard of the cells in our bodies dying and regenerating every 7 years which corespondens with changes in taste and such? I've heard bits about this but never researched it to confirm its validity. Anyway, if it's true I feel like it's happening to me now but instead of all new things, I'm exploring things I dabbled in in the past i.e. essential oils and herbalism. I've even had brief thoughts of "wonder what it would take to get me LMT reissued. I didn't even keep up with the CEU credits or pursue the a business the first time around. What is up with me?  The need for a change is strong, I can certainly confirm that!

There is also need for knowledge as always it seems. I'm really considering courses in herbalism or aromatherapy. Although again I don't know that I would pursue a career in either of these fields but I'm always hungry for knowledge.

Oh and I made a bag so there's that.
I wanted a bag to hold my essential oil/natu…

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