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FO and Pattern Review

Bionic Gear Bag by RipStitcher
$13.00 via Craftsy

Finished the Bionic Gear Bag this past weekend and it’s perfect for my needs.The construction/sewing is not perfect but the usefulness is perfect.

I’m currently sewing in a very small area and using my mamaw’s old sewing cabinet which although it's full of sentimental value it lacks storage and functionality. So I need a place to easily access my tools/notions. The Bionic Gear Bag gives me function and storage and it sits on my cabinet and makes me happy.Isn’t that all the matters, that it makes me happy?

About the pattern itself.Truth be told I don't believe it to be a beginner friendly pattern, just FYI.  If you are a beginner trying to sew this pattern you might have to rely heavily on the video tutorial series which is a separate charge.I was able to follow along and use some of my intuition to figure out the pattern. I would also have to say that the link hopping and website itself is also not user friendly.It’s my understan…

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