Let's try this

I’ve finished my first quilt top and it’s now in the quilting phase. It’s a quilt made with simple half square triangles and simple borders. At this point my internal dialog goes a little something like this:

Me: What the hell are you doing?

Also Me:  I have no idea!

Me:  Let’s try this and see what happens.

Also Me: Cool.

My God I am weird.
A quilt for my mom, thankfully she loves me and will not mind the imperfections.

I managed to get the quilt sandwich made (which killed my knees even with a knee cushion) and I wrangled it into the sewing machine.  I'm gonna try this technique * next time which I hope will make it quicker, smoother, and allow me to use a table of some sort which will keep me off my knees.

Very relieved that this walking foot was easy to attach, I was a bit nervous. 

So far I've made 7 lines of quilting with the first few being a struggle. I’ve been getting the feeling of the walking foot and maneuvering this large amount of fabric through the machine.  It’s my understanding that this machine, which is about 10-15 years old, is able to do the quilting but I don’t feel the throat area is large enough to do any free motion quilting. More of a reason to upgrade as soon as I can right! But really, who needs justification to upgrade?

*I have no idea who came up with this, but this seemed to be a great explanation.


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