I grew these


The excitement is real. This past fall a started some hugelhoops around 2 fruit trees. On these hoops I essentially tossed out all the "expired" seeds that I had and covered them with straw. Low and behold, so much grew.  I couldn’t believe it.  I would just stand and gaze at all of it.  I’m the worlds worse at growing things from seeds.  I can get things to sprout but they die before getting big enough to be transplanted into the garden.  But this time all the things grew.  Then they started producing fruit. What?!

First little peeks of green

This process has given me so much confidence in my ability to grow my own food which is my goal for my family.  In the future I want a food forest and market gardens and so on.
This weekend I harvested my first bunch of Seminole pumpkins. I was so excited.  I got 6 wee pumpkins.  I still have more vines growing and starting new pumpkins so I hope to continue to harvest through the fall. 
So much of this has been “let’s just see what happens” and I have to say I am more than thrilled with what did happen. 
Just a note:  I’m less than involved in the growth and tending of these plants.  I essentially put down the seeds, cover with straw and water when things get super dry.  There is no pest control at all.  If a pest or mold gets my plants I let it go.  My hope is that I’m building better infrastructure for the future gardens.  Beneficial bugs will be in place for the next pest invasion and the next generation of seeds will be better able to handle any environmental issues that may pop up. Much like allowing our bodies to fight colds makes us stronger.


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