Bento Organization - Food Picks

Almost full and to think I was about to buy more. Time for another lipstick holder, a full one isn't gonna to stop me.
I think we can safely say that food picks are the cutest part of making bentos.  I mean cute little animals, bugs, and flying saucers...cuteness overload! With all the cuteness comes the organizational nightmare of storing these little poky suckers.
I've tried little lidded cups.  I've tried a craft organizer, you know those flat boxes with dividers. I've tried bags.  Nothing has really worked to make it convenient to just see and grab the picks I want.
Then yesterday I was looking through bento organization pics and found someone who was had their pics poked into what looked like foam in a clear plastic container tray.  This immediately brought to mind acrylic lipstick holders.  Turns out I just so happen to have a lipstick holder that was not in use. I mean it was in use but priorities, right?
Here ya go, my food pick holder.  I'm so happy with it and the holder was only about $6 on Amazon
I do think I will make an update to this set up and get some tiny beads or bean bag stuffing to raise the height of the picks and give them something to sit it, like makeup brushes are stored. .  They seem a bit low. And...I need another for sure. I'll share my updated Bento cart once it's all been reorganized and sure some other storage ideas.  


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