Book Review: The Thirteenth Tale

Digging on those leggings, aren't you?
Author: Diane Setterfield
I am either less than capable at decoding the foreshadowing written into a story or Diane Setterfield did an amazing job at hiding those little nuggets that eventually were revealed and made the entire story come together. I struggled to get through the book to be honest. Vida Winter’s character was most interesting and the ending chapters made the struggle of getting through the entire book slightly worth it. I was less than interested in Margaret Lea’s character although I understand her necessity in the story.  In short this is a very disturbed family.  Very disturbed, which is the part I was most interested in.  Coming from a very boring family myself the complete insanity of this family was fascinating. That’s what kept my interest, if it were not for that family I would have abandoned Margaret and her companion in a hurry.

One word to describe this book: Struggle.


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